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  • Donation of the sculpture
    14|11|18 Donation of the sculpture "Bilbao" by Richard Serra

    In memory of Martín García-Urtiaga and Mercedes Torrontegui by their grandchildren

     The museum has welcomed the donation of the sculpture Bilbao (1983) by Richard Serra (San Francisco, United States, 1939), which was given in memory of Martín García - Urtiaga and Mercedes Torrontegui by their grandchildren. This is a work of special importance in the history of the museum and the city of Bilbao, since it was a site-specific sculpture made in 1983 by Richard S...

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  • 06|11|18 "After 68" Activities

      KUKAI DANTZA Contemporary dance show featuring the company Kukai Dantza created by the dancer and choreographer Jon Maya in 2001. Using traditional Basque dance as the point of departure, the dancers use the museum's modern building as their backdrop to perform a series of choreographies and improvisations that forge a dialogue with the works by the fine artists who are part of the...

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