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14|09|11 New Educational Activities.

New Educactional Activities for the Pre-School and primary Education.

A museum of colours
What better place than a museum for infant and primary schoolchildren to relate directly to and experiment with colours? And there’s nothing like colour to channel ideas, emotions and feelings in such an enjoyable, natural way.

Fantastic creatures
In the world of art any fantastic being can come to life. In this activity we encourage infant and early primary schoolchildren to discover and have fun with some of the fantastic creatures that live in our museum.

Animals in the museum
You’ll be really surprised to find out just how many animals live in the paintings in the museum. Horses, cats, parrots and lots of others join us on this adventure where infant and early primary schoolchildren can talk about their relations with animals and their different uses.

Food in art
What colour are cherries? Are apples sweet? Our infant and early primary schoolchildren can talk about these and many other things as they discover the importance of food in our lives while they visit the museum.

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