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08|05|18 MULTIVERSO grants for Video Art Creation

The Museum and Fundación BBVA sign a collaborative agreement


Over the past few years Fundación BBVA has been involved in the support and promotion of video creation. This focus on a particular artistic genre, namely video art, was the context for the signing on 26 April 2017 of a collaborative agreement between the museum and the foundation which launched a Video Art and Digital Creation Programme. The agreement has a dual aim: firstly to promote artistic manifestations based on new formats and artistic languages through their display in the museum, and secondly to position the museum at the forefront of contemporary creation of this type, in which innovation and experimentation are intrinsic characteristics.

That first agreement which launched the programme has now been strengthened with the signing of a second one for the joint promotion of the Multiverso Grants for Video Art Creation Programme, which Fundación BBVA has been promoting since 2014 with the aim of offering financial support for innovative creation.

This collaborative action, which will last for a minimum of two years and is renewable, starts with the opening of the grant application procedure for the present year, 2018, and will continue with that for 2019. This new application process establishes the joint management of the grants by the museum and the foundation and starts with the selection procedure, which will be undertaken by a committee of experts and led by the directors of the two institutions. It will culminate with the display at the museum of a significant number of the artistic projects carried out.

The result will be to fulfil the aim of supporting video art creation throughout the entire process of its elaboration, from supporting artists in the realisation of their works to the display of those works to the general public at the museum.



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