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08|11|13 Museum´s campaign “Jewels” wins the Luxury Awards Prize

The Bilbao fine Arts Museum's campaign “Jewels” wins the Luxury Awards Prize in the Direct and Promotional Marketing category.

Of the more than 350 entries in the competition, only 25 were selected by a jury comprising leading figures in the world of communication

Last year the Museo del Bellas Artes de Bilbao implemented a new plan with the aim of singling out 17 masterpieces from its permanent collection. Following a strategy of “content marketing”, 17 texts were written on the works, which provided visitors with keys to their visual reading and highlighted the exceptional quality of each one. The next stage was to design a specific label for this information and to design a plan with their location.

Following an ongoing strategy to capture visitor potential, this summer the Museum commissioned the agency Herederos de Rowan to design a direct marketing campaign aimed at 4- and 5-star hotels in Bilbao. Various traditional advertising supports were produced (banners, bags, adverts in the press and radio slots) as well as a special one for the hotels' rooms: a jewellery case containing a pop-up in the form of a diamond, on each facet of which were details of the masterpieces or “jewels” in the collection.

The percentage of response was a notable 25.4%, which was more than satisfactory for this campaign and its strategy.

This new prize adds to the list of awards recently received for the collaboration between the Museum and Herederos de Rowan, among them the Laus 2012 for Innovation in Museum Communication.

The Luxury Advertising Awards festival aims to draw attention to the quality of agencies and their creatives in the field of premium advertising. Clients receive awards through their publicity agencies for high prestige projects with a power of attraction, quality and elegance that is rarely achieved with conventional advertising. In addition to the prizes, awarded in Marbella on 7 November, the festival demonstrated its social commitment by awarding 45,000 Euros in grants to the Cre


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