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12|12|18 Strategic Plan 2019/2022

On Tuesday the 11th of December, the Board of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum Foundation approved the 2019–2022 Strategic Plan

In the year that it is commemorating its 110th anniversary, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is also updating its strategic vision to make a push for the institution's organisational modernity and physical enlargement. To achieve this, it is launching a Strategic Plan which was developed over the last nine months that analyses its main management lines integrated into the milieu in which it operates.

The main objective of this plan is to guide and plan the institution's programmes and actions in the middle and long term and to launch the museum's enlargement. This latter action, unquestionably the most ambitious one in the plan, calls for an 8,000 m2 enlargement of the museum's operating space through the acquisition of an auxiliary building, along with the enlargement of its headquarters through an international architecture competition. The budget earmarked for both actions is €22,110,000 and the timeframe for executing them is 45 months.

The 2019–2022 Strategic Plan is grounded upon two main ideas. First, it identifies two strategic lines which specify the interest groups that primarily guide the development of the museum's activity and the main areas in which action plans are to be developed. Secondly, it determines two strategic moves that significantly affect first the museum's international organisation and secondly the enlargement of its facilities.


Strategic lines

Strategic lines This avenue of reflection establishes a first line with the stakeholders towards which the museum is targeted, which was boiled down to five groups. Secondly, five action areas were also identified, focused strictly on the museum's activity.

Line 1.    Stakeholders:

Line 2.    Action Areas:

• Visitors
• friends of the Museum
• Patrons
• Institutions
• Human team

• The collection
• The exhibitions
• Conservation and research
• Education and dissemination
• The online museum

The development of the first line, which outlines the people, groups, collectives of organisations which are more or less directly affected by the museum's activity, has quantifiable objectives–—such as achieving a steady number of 300,000 visitors per year and a total of 4,000 Friends of the Museum and increasing the number of Board members. Along with them, broader objectives are also set, such as steering the museum's strategic vision bearing in mind the development plans of the city, the region and the Basque Country as a whole.

Likewise, the second line focuses on the museum's art collection as its raison d'être and the engine driving its activity, complemented by the temporary exhibition programme. The specific objectives in this line include creating a study and documentation centre on Basque art; it would be based on the pre-existing ARTEDER project but redeveloped and expanded within one line of the museum's different areas of research.


Strategic lines

This avenue of action seeks first to transform the institution's organisation in order to successfully deal with change and secondly to equip the museum with new infrastructures which are capable of guaranteeing outstanding service. 

The new organisation

The museum's new organisation is designed as a structure capable of adapting to the development of the proposed programmes and action plans. To do so, the most important new developments include the creation of three Conservation Areas for the collection, which guarantee its physical care and intellectual knowledge; a Public Area, which will spearhead education and dissemination activities; and a Management Area, which will oversee aspects such as the museum's commercial services.

The enlargement

On the other hand, increasing the space is the biggest challenge in the Strategic Plan, and it will take shape in two projects. First, the plan proposes acquiring an auxiliary building (3,000 m2) as a repository for works of art and as the home of the Archive, Library and ARTEDER Study Centre, quantified at €3,950,000. The second is a significant enlargement of the exhibition, reception and visitor service facilities in its current building, and the education and dissemination services (5,000 m2), quantified at €18,160,000. For this enlargement, the museum will hold an international architecture competition to choose the team that will carry out the project during the period established by the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.

The enlargement programme affects a total of 8,000 m2, its overall allocated budget is €22,110,000 and its execution period is 45 months.


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