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09|05|19 Lectures: "The Goyas of Zubieta"

In the late 1780s, Francisco de Goya painted a portrait of Antonio Adán de Yarza, his wife María Ramona de Barbachano and his mother Bernarda Tavira, members of an illustrious family from Bizkaia. The portraits remained in the family home, the Palacio de Zubieta in Ispaster (Bizkaia), until the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, when the government of the Basque Country removed them for their protection and transported them to Paris along with other collections, so they could participate in the 1937 Universal Expo.

They were never exhibited and were instead returned in France to their legitimate owner, María Adán de Yarza, who had taken refuge in the neighbouring country. After 80 years, the Goyas of Zubieta have come back from their exile, and after being studied and restored, they are now being presented to the scholarly community and general public for the first time.




Los Goyas de Zubieta. Claves de su estudio (The Goyas of Zubieta. Keys to Studying Them)

José Luis Merino Gorospe. Technician at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum





Los Goyas de Zubieta durante la Guerra Civil española (The Goyas of Zubieta during the Spanish Civil War)

Francisco Javier Muñoz Fernández. Full Professor of Art History at the University of the Basque Country



7 pm. Auditorium

Free of charge until capacity is reached.

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