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28|05|19 "Zuloaga 1870-1945" Exhibition Activities



The year 1898 was a pivotal point in the evolution of Ignacio Zuloaga's painting. That year, his views turned towards the archetypes and customs of the peoples of Castile, which he portrayed with a nostalgic feel, coupled with a dose of pessimism for a Spain which had lost its international influence and was socially and political deteriorating after the loss of its last colonies. Given the dramatic situation at the fin de siècle, the group of regenerationist intellectuals belonging to what was known as the 'Generation of '98' viewed Zuloaga's paintings as paradigmatic of the condemnation of the national backwardness around which these authors' literature revolved.

The film series being held on the occasion of the exhibition entitled Zuloaga 1870–1945, organised by José Julián Bakedano, offers a selection of films whose touchstone is the works by the writers from the Generation of '98. Thus, for 10 sessions, films will be shown that are named after the novels by Miguel de Unamuno (Aunt Tula), Pío Baroja (Las inquietudes de Shanti Andía, Zalacaín the adventurer and The Quest), and Ramón María del Valle-Inclán (Flor de santidad), and the film, based on 'Autumn Sonata' and 'Summer Sonata', also by Valle-Inclán. Likewise, adaptations of plays by Azorín (La guerrilla), Manuel and Antonio Machado (La duquesa de Benamejí) and once again Valle-Inclán (Bohemian Lights) will also be screened, along with the film La Laguna Negra, inspired by the Antonio Machado poem 'The Land of Alvargonzález', from the book Fields of Castile. They all reveal the steadfast commitment to the social reality that permeates the literature of this generation and many of the paintings by Ignacio Zuloaga.


31.05.19. Aunt Tula (Miguel Picazo, 1964)

02.06.19. The Guerrilla (Rafael Gil, 1972)

07.06.19. Las inquietudes de Shanti Andía [The Anxieties of Shanti Andía] (Arturo Ruiz Castillo, 1947)

09.06.19. Zalacaín el aventurero [Zalacaín the Adventurer] (Juan de Orduña, 1955)

14.06.19. La busca [The Quest] (Angelino Fons, 1966)

16.06.19. The Duchess of Benamejí (Luis Lucia, 1949)

21.06.19. La Laguna Negra [The Black Lagoon] (Arturo Ruiz Castillo, 1952)

23.06.19. Sonatas (Juan Antonio Bardem, 1959)

28.06.19. Flower of Holiness (Adolfo Marsillach, 1973)

30.06.19. Bohemian Lights (Miguel Ángel Díez, 1985)

Fridays and Sundays, 7 pm, Auditorium

Free of charge until seating capacity is reached. Available at the museum ticket counter the same day as the screening

Sponsor: BBK





Series of 3 lectures by the curators of the exhibition, Mikel Lertxundi Galiana and Javier Novo González, which will explore the life and work of Ignacio Zuloaga, a major figure in the world art scene and an utter benchmark in early 20th-century figurative painting.


18.09.19. Zuloaga before Zuloaga (1870–1898)

25.09.19. Zuloaga (1898–1924)

02.10.19. Zuloaga after Zuloaga (1925–1945)

Wednesdays, 7 pm, Auditorium

€30 pass for the entire series / €20 Friends of the Museum

Register online on the museum website

Sponsor: BBK


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