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Summer Course

Cursos de verano


Museographies. Ways of seeing art


The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, the Fundación Gondra Barandiarán and the Universidad de Deusto are presenting the first edition of the summer course "Museographies. Ways of seeing art". Taking place in June, this 3-day course will offer an intensive academic programme directed by Miguel Zugaza. Its principal aim is to analyse different issues relating to new trends in current museography, a term used in this context to encompass the group of practices and new narratives – or "ways of seeing", to cite John Berger's phrase from his celebrated essay – which are employed in museums in their role as spaces for the conservation, display, study and dissemination of cultural goods.




9.00 h


10.00 h

Opening welcome

Juan Mari Aburto

Mayor of Bilbao and president of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum Foundation

José María Guibert

Rector of the Universidad de Deusto

Guillermo Barandiarán

President of the Fundación Gondra Barandiarán

Miguel Zugaza

Director of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

11.30 h

Taco Dibbits

Director of the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam)

Rijksmuseum; The Art of History

* in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish

13.00 h

Norman Foster


Art and Space

* in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish

17.00 h

Juan José Lahuerta

Senior professor at the School of Architecture in Barcelona

Packed museum, empty museum

18.30 h

Francesc Torres


The Entropic Box or The Museum of Lost Objects


10.00 h

Fernando Gutiérrez / Mikel Garay


Publishing the museum

11.30 h

Estrella de Diego

Senior professor, Universidad Complutense (Madrid)

Including the imaginary museum

13.00 h

Miren Arzalluz

Director of Palais Galliera (Paris)

Ways of seeing: fashion

17.00 h

Ricardo Alonso Maturana

Director of GNOSS

This is not a museum: looking at art after the internet

18.30 h

Álvaro Perdices


From skin to skin. On interpretation and experience in BLACK and White, and Infinite Garden


10.00 h

Adam Lowe

Director of Factum Arte

Applying Technology: Preserving the Past… Informing the Present

* in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish

11.30 h

Deyan Sudjic

Director of the Design Museum (London)

Design in the Museum

* in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish

13.00 h


Gabriele Finaldi

Director of the National Gallery (London)

Miguel Zugaza

Director of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

You can download the informative leaflet here.



The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. Auditorium


A.- Students of the Universidad de Deusto and the UPV/EHU

100 €

B.- Former students of the Universidad de Deusto and the UPV/EHU and Friends of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

135 €

C.- General public

160 €


In order to be eligible for either of the two categories of reduced price fees for the course (135 Euros and 100 Euros), once you have registered online you will be required to send a scanned copy of the relevant documentation (university student card or ex-student card) in a PDF document to cursomuseografia@museobilbao.com.

The enrolment fee includes attendance of the course, a folder with documentation, a pass for a free, individual visit to the museum during the duration of the course, and a certificate of attendance or accreditation issued by the Universidad de Deusto. The Fundación Gondra Barandiarán will fund 20 free attendance places.

Rellena el formulario de matrícula


The Fundación Gondra Barandiarán will award 20 attendance grants (including those already awarded to participants in the museum's work experience programme) for young professionals aged under 35 who possess a higher academic qualification related to the content of the course.

The selection of candidates will be made on the basis of the applicant's previous experience, academic record and interest in the course.

The award of a grant means that no enrolment fee has to be paid and that attendance of the course is obligatory.


7 May to 4 June 2018.
No applications will be accepted outside the dates specified here.


Applications should be sent by e-mail to: cursomuseografia@museobilbao.com.


  • National identity card or equivalent document.
  • Proof of university degree obtained and academic record.
  • Letter setting out reasons for wishing to attend the course.

These documents must be scanned and sent in a single PDF document. If considered necessary, the museum has the right to request the originals at any time.


The successful candidates will be notified on 11 June.



Curso de verano