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Kitaj (Cleveland, 1932) is considered, along with Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud or Frank Auerbach, to be one of the key figures in the “School of London”. Produced by the Bilbao Art Museum, the exhibition will delve into the painter’s relationship with Spain and especially with Catalonia, since, as of 1953, he became interested in the country’s history and culture as a consequence of his frequent visits to Catalonia. The exhibition, which consists of a score of works completed in the sixties and the seventies and in whose catalogue Kitaj himself collaborates, begins with the Museum’s acquisition in 2002 of the painting, The hispanist (Nissa Torrents) (1977-78), an emblematic work, in which the artist painted a portrait of his Nissa Torrents, a renowned hispanicist and professor at London University.

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