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Cinema and Science
A whirlwind of knowledge and beauty

Leibniz (1646-1716) said "Music is the hidden arithmetical exercise of a mind unconscious that it is calculating". It would have been interesting to know what he thought about cinema, because we feel that he experience would have been just as pleasant for him and he would have been able to provide the outline of some kind of original relationship with science. The Basque Film Archive and Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), now with the additional collaboration of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, have spent four years pursuing the aim of transmitting cinematographic culture and scientific culture with ′Cinema and Science′. Always seeking stimulating connections with different scientific fields, this year's selection combines eclectic titles and, as is one of the identifying marks of this season, each showing will be accompanied by presentations and question and answer sessions featuring internationally prestigious scientists. They themselves are the protagonists of three films: the Indian mathematician Ramanujan in The Man Who Knew Infinity, the multi-faceted Turing in The Imitation Game and the pioneer Marie Curie in Radioactive, who is also featured on this year's poster. Proof that this idea has wide horizons is the inclusion of some undeniable classics: Johnny Got His Gun, The Miracle Worker, The Savage Innocents, Cries & Whispers and Woman in the Moon. The latter has been scheduled following its cancellation in the previous edition due to the coronavirus pandemic, a subject we have not avoided, neither from a science fiction point of view with The Andromeda Strain nor from a much more realistic approach, such as that of Contagion. 2020 has made us realise that not only did previous editions have solid foundations, but that 2021 seemed more necessary than ever. This serves to reaffirm our double conviction: greater scientific culture helps us as a society to take better, well-grounded decisions and, as André Malraux taught us, a greater cinematographic culture makes us inheritors of the nobility and beauty of the world.

Admission fees (per session)

General: 3,5 €
Friends of the Museum: 2 €
Younger than 25: Free

Place and time

Auditorio (current capacity: 71 seats. The use of a mask is obligatory, even if the appropriate interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres is maintained.

18:00 h
("Frau Im Mond" : 17:00 h)


OV = Original Version
OVSS = Original Version with Spanish Subtitles
OVES = Original Version with Euskera Subtitles

Hand programme



[ Cinema and Science ]
09 | 01 | 2021

The Man Who Knew Infinity  (El hombre que conocía el infinito)

Matt Brown, 2015, 108’, OVSS

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[ Sesión especial ]
16 | 01 | 2021

Pour Don Carlos (Alegria kapitaina / La capitana Alegría)

Musidora, Jacques Lasseyne, 1921, 90’ , OVSS + OVES

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[ Cinema and Science ]
23 | 01 | 2021

The imitation game (Imitazio jokoa)

Morten Tyldum, 2014, 113’, OVES

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[ Cinema and Science ]
30 | 01 | 2021

The Savage Innocents (Los dientes del diablo)

Nicholas Ray, 1960, 110’, OVSS

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[ Cinema and Science ]
06 | 02 | 2021

Viskningar och rop (Gritos y Susurros)

Ingmar Bergman, 1972, 91’, OVSS

[ Cinema and Science ]
13 | 02 | 2021

Contagion (Contagio)

Steven Soderbergh, 2011, 106’, OVSS

[ Cinema and Science ]
20 | 02 | 2021

Johnny Got His Gun (Johnnyk bere fusila hartu zuen)

Dalton Trumbo, 1971, 111’, OVES

[ Sesión especial ]
27 | 02 | 2021


Barbudos (Larry Mankuso, Tucker Dávila Wood, 2020, 23') OVSSUS
Dar-dar (Paul Urkijo Alijo, 2020, 10') OVSS
Ehiza (Hauazkena Taldea, 2020, 5') Sin diálogos
El ruido solar (Pablo Hernando, 2020, 16') OVSSUS
Interior taxi noche (Silvia Rey, Iban del Campo, 2020, 15') OVSSUS
Quebrantos (Koldo Almandoz, Maria Elorza, 2020, 8') OVSS
Ya no duermo (Marina Palacio, 2020, 22') OVSSUS



[ Cinema and Science ]
06 | 03 | 2021

Frau Im Mond (Emakumea ilargian / La mujer en la luna)

Fritz Lang, 1929, 161’, OVSS+OVES

Inicio de sesión: 17:00
Con acompañamiento al piano

[ Cinema and Science ]
13 | 03 | 2021

Radioactive (Madame Curie)

Marjane Satrapi, 2020, 109’, OVSS

[ Cinema and Science ]
20 | 03 | 2021

The Andromeda Strain (La amenaza de Andromeda)

Robert Wise, 1971, 135’, OVSS

[ Cinema and Science ]
27 | 03 | 2021

The Miracle Worker (El milagro de Ana Sullivan)

Arthur Penn, 1962, 106’, OVSS