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Annotated works


(Barcelona, 1871-Port de Pollença, Majorca, 1959)

Nude under the Vine

Oil on canvas

140 x 85 cm

c. 1909-1910

Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism (19th Century - Mid-20th Century)

N.° inv. 82/517

Contributed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia in 1920

ANGLADA CAMARASA, Hermen on Online collection

During his long Parisian sojourn (1894-1914) Anglada-Camarasa made a brief visit to Valencia in 1904, which prompted a keen interest in local subject matter. His approach was neither folkloric, nor anecdotal or naturalistic; on the contrary, such themes were portrayed as sources of the intense and radiant colour he considered to be the essence of modernism, an opinion shared by several members of the Russian avant-garde who had also congregated in Paris and with whom Anglada had struck up personal friendships and stylistic connections. 

Nude under the Vine belongs to this series of works by Anglada, who was so fond of it he displayed it in the main retrospectives of his oeuvre organised before it was acquired by the Provincial Government of Biscay, i.e., the shows held in Buenos Aires in 1910, in Rome in 1911, in Barcelona in 1915, in Madrid in 1916 and in Bilbao in 1919.

At this venue precisely, the first International Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture held in Bilbao in 1919, to which Anglada was expressly invited by Ramón de la Sota, president of the Provincial Government of Biscay, the artist was honoured with a hall on his own and the painting was purchased for the sum of 30,000 pesetas. The exhibition clearly expressed the modernist will of artists and public powers and therefore aroused feelings of political discontent. De la Sota himself told the Catalan nationalist leader Francesc Cambó, who played an active part in the success of the show, that the Monarchical League had accused the event of expressing separatist inclinations. Highly representative Basque intellectuals such as Pedro Mourlane and Ramiro de Maeztu paid tribute to Anglada, praising his oeuvre; Maeztu went so far as to state that no other painting had made such an impression on him since he had seen the Sistine Chapel and Titian's works in the Vatican.  [F.F.]

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Annotated works