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Annotated works

COELLO, Claudio

(Madrid, 1642-1693)

Portrait of Teresa Francisca Mudarra y Herrera

Oil on canvas

210 x 145,5 cm

c. 1690

Baroque (17th Century)

N.° inv. 69/49

Acquired in 1932

COELLO, Claudio on Online collection

The portrait of this lady, of strong yet refined features that express an extraordinary strength of character, is a highly significant example of late 17th-century court portraiture. Previously attributed to Juan Carreño de Miranda, this admirable canvas is almost certainly a work by Claudio Coello, as revealed by its emphasis on physicality, its emphatic shaping of the face and its precise definition of accessories, devoid of the sparkling touches characterising Carreño's technique.

The importance that the painter grants the pictorial space, suggested by the bright architectural construction in the background, and the pleasure he takes in depicting the luxurious accessories such as the lace on the dress, the curtain on the left and the rich red ceramic vase standing on the console table, are typical features in Coello's oeuvre. This painter, the last great representative of Baroque painting in Madrid, reconciles the solemn severity of his handling of the figure with a totally Baroque scenery and a rich sense of colour applied in bright patches. The lady is dressed in the fashion of the sixteen nineties.

Doña Teresa Francisca Mudarra y Herrera was the wife of don Juan de Larrea y Heredia, knight of Calatrava, lord of the House and Tower of Larrea in the administrative district of Zornoza, lordship of Biscay, lord of the Committee of War and Council of the Indies under the majesty of king Charles II of Spain, and secretary of State and Universal Dispatch.  [A.E.P.S.]

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Annotated works