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Annotated works


(Madrid, 1817-1870)

The Communion

Oil on copper

26,5 x 39,7 cm


Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism (19th Century - Mid-20th Century)

N.° inv. 69/151

Bequeathed by Laureano de Jado in 1927

LUCAS VELÁZQUEZ, Eugenio on Online collection

In the gloomy interior of a cave, a priest gives communion to a large number of faithful; in the foreground, two women saying the rosary, their heads covered, appear on the right of the composition, lit by a dramatic white light that silhouettes the figures and grants them a phantasmagorical appearance. Lucas executed this small copper plate swiftly, modelling featureless faces, using superimposed impastos and longer brushstrokes for the white shades in keeping with the formal characteristics of his work.

Although such small-format scenes are very frequent in the painter's repertoire, the model is taken from Francisco de Goya, to whom Lucas would be especially devoted throughout his career. Thus, seduced by the master's modelling and after a long process of formal assimilation, Lucas continued such representations in this kind of paintings, toning down the high critical content of the original works to recreate Goya's artistic style.  [C.G.N.]

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Annotated works