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Annotated works


(Murcia, 1580-Valencia, 1645)

The Sacrifice of Isaac

Oil on canvas

133,5 x 167 cm

c. 1616

Baroque (17th Century)

N.° inv. 82/3

Donated by Luis Castells Tohá, in memory of his wife Carmen Bertendona, in 1975

ORRENTE, Pedro on Online collection

This painting by Orrente is one of the most valuable representations of the well-known passage from the Genesis in which Abraham is asked by Yahweh to sacrifice his son Isaac, but is stopped by an angel who points to the lamb that will be sacrificed instead. Orrente, who travelled to Italy and worked in the Venetian workshop of Leandro Bassano, also had occasion to discover the pictorial revolution led by Caravaggio and his followers.

This composition is clearly imbued with Caravaggism in the treatment of light, that falls harshly on the naked body of young Isaac, beautifully drawn, and on the face and the hand of the angel pointing to the lamb, while the rest of the composition remains in semi-darkness. Highly naturalistic are the logs in the foreground, the stones on the sacrificial altar, the lamb's wool and even the head of elderly Abraham, treated with rigorous realism.

Several versions are known of this composition that prove its success. One of them was attributed to the Valencian painter Jerónimo Jacinto de Espinosa, who was obviously influenced by Orrente when the latter lived in Valencia. In fact, Orrente's impact can be traced in all Valencian artists of the time, particularly in the Venetian quality of their brushstrokes and in their sumptuous use of colour.  [A.E.P.S.]

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Annotated works