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Beruete, Regoyos y el paisaje en las colecciones de los ingenieros José Entrecanales y Santiago Corral

José Entrecanales (Bilbao, 1899-Madrid, 1990) and Santiago Corral (Santander, 1907-Madrid, 1989), prominent civil engineers and businessmen, were also serious collectors. Partly interested in landscapes because of the importance of land in their profession, they each assembled a large collection significant works by the most prominent Spanish artists at the turn from the 19th to the 20th centuries.

At that time, landscapes were the prime source of modernity in painting. In Spain, they were associated with a new vision of the country by the artists of regenerationism, who were aware of the historical and cultural value it harboured. Among them, Aureliano de Beruete and Darío de Regoyos were the most radical and the most closely associated with the modern European trends. The significant representation of their outstanding works in both collections is an eloquent sign of the wisdom of the collectors' choice, as proven by the group of artists presented here.

Author: Javier Barón ISBN: 978-84-18171-00-0 Date of publication: 10/03/2020 Language: Spanish Measures: 26 x 22,5 cm Binding: Paperback No. of pages: 200 No. of illustrations: 110 (color)
30,00 € (VAT inc)

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