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New   Zuloaga. 1870-1945

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Zuloaga. 1870-1945

The publication accompanying the show contains three biographic studies which have enabled Zuloaga’s life and work to be rigorously and systematically articulated and contextualised for the first time. His origins as an artist, where the painter sought an identity by exploiting the resources from impressionism, Naturalism and Symbolism, is addressed by Mikel Lertxundi Galiana in ‘Zuloaga before Zuloaga, 1870–1898’. The core of Zuloaga’s career, when he garnered the most success and built his international reputation, is given an in-depth examination and documentation by Mikel Lertxundi Galiana and Javier Novo González in ‘Zuloaga 1898–1924’. Finally, the painter’s later years are addressed by Javier Novo González in ‘Zuloaga after Zuloaga, 1825–1845’. After in-depth research, this particular chapter reveals passages in the artist’s life of extraordinary biographical and artistic importance.

Plus, the curators have also created ten headings to summarise the painter’s main thematic veins and artistic phases, and the provenances and specific exhibitions in which the works in this exhibition participated were studied.

Author: Mikel Lertxundi Galiana, Javier Novo González ISBN: 978-84-96763-90-6 Date of publication: 04/06/2019 Language: Spanish Measures: 23 x 30 cm Binding: Hardcover No. of pages: 328 No. of illustrations: 196 (color)
45,00 € (VAT inc)

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